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Wiki Post – Designing our Web Application – 07/03/2015

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Our first task to complete is to create a post on our group wiki account. We have to explain our project concept and include what will be created, research and our group member roles.
We have decided to design a House Finder website, where users can find housemates and a house to live in. We have decided to aim our website at students in the South of England as we feel like it is not too broad but not too small of an area.

We will create a database where users will have a username and password, once this has been created they can then make a profile of themselves and search any town in the South to find a housemate and/or house.

There will be a tab in the navigation bar that allows users to submit room details. There will also be a search page where users can then refine a search to rooms and people that are relevant to them. An example of this could be searching for a housemate in Bournemouth, who is male, looking for a five bedroom house under the price of £350 pcm.

Contact will be allowed between email addresses of the users.

Luke has been designing the layout for the website using CSS and PHP in Brackets. Terry and I have been looking at colours and logos to use for our website. For this we researched estate agents and took elements from their pages e.g colours and themes used. We will all continue to work as a team, allowing each members input into our work.


Author: Chloe Rose Hutchings

Chloe, 20 from Hertfordshire BA (Hons) Digital Media Design student studying at Bournemouth University.

One thought on “Wiki Post – Designing our Web Application – 07/03/2015

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