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Chloe, 19 from Hertfordshire, UK. First year Digital Media Design student at Bournemouth University

Planning our Web Application – Design for Digital Media Environments

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After meeting up with my group, we each presented our own ideas.
I had an idea of a student recipe website where students can select from the navigation menu:

  • How many people they want to cook for
  • A price range e.g. Under £5
  • Ingredients used
  • Cooking time

Here are some of the other ideas we had:

  1. My other team mates had ideas of creating a “house mate” website where anyone can create a profile of themselves and search for other people to find a house mate in their area. It would also be a property website as we would have to preview the houses as well as the profiles of the users.
  2. Another one of our ideas was the create a “where to go” application where users can search for things to do in Bournemouth. It would include local attractions, parks, shopping centres and places to eat.

We had many more ideas but those were just a few that really stood out to me. After thinking for quite a while, we all decided to create a website on a “House Finder for Students”. Obviously our target audience would be students from 18-25, targeting those who haven’t managed to get student accommodation. I personally know many people who didn’t get student accommodation and found it hard to find a house under private accommodation. This website will really help students and it means that users can choose who they want to live with as they will have their own profile with information and pictures.

My next blog post will be on designing layouts for our website.


Author: Chloe Rose Hutchings

Chloe, 20 from Hertfordshire BA (Hons) Digital Media Design student studying at Bournemouth University.

One thought on “Planning our Web Application – Design for Digital Media Environments

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