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Chloe, 19 from Hertfordshire, UK. First year Digital Media Design student at Bournemouth University

Design Analysis – A2 Poster

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As mentioned previously, I have decided to use Inkcape because I found it was a lot more user friendly than Adobe Illustrator and it was also free which meant I could download it and use it at home.

So to start of my design process, I chose an image of some weighing scales and uploaded it to Inkscape. I then created a new layer and using the bezier tool, I traced around the image. I added a 0.5 blur on it so the outline wasn’t really sharp. I then took the dial pad from the scales and traced around this.

Dial of scales

Dial of scales

I then marked out 10 places for each country to go on. I wanted a tape measure to go around the scales with the illusion that the scales were being pinched in. To do this I made the scales to in towards the middle either side and traced a tape measure over the top of the scales layer. I filled the tape measure with a bright yellow colour as I wanted it to be recognisable. I added a thin line of an orange colour to make the edges stand out.

Tape measure

Tape measure

I thought this was going to be really difficult to trace but using the bezier tool and then the nodes tool to curve the edges, it easily become doable. I added some text to the tape measure instead of writing the digits because I wanted the poster question to sit there as it is in the middle of the poster. As you can see from the image below:

Poster question on tape measure

Poster question on tape measure


Author: Chloe Rose Hutchings

Chloe, 20 from Hertfordshire BA (Hons) Digital Media Design student studying at Bournemouth University.

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