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Chloe, 19 from Hertfordshire, UK. First year Digital Media Design student at Bournemouth University

Generative Design 10/11/2014

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Today’s lecture was focused on Generative Design. No one really knew what is was to start off with so we were shown many different examples to help us understand the basics and how it started. From what I understood, generative design is a method which is made to respond in a certain way. Normally using a computer programme, it is generated by a set of rules or an Algorithm.

The Jacquard Loom – Where it all started

Above is an image of a Jacquard Loom. These were first generated in the 18th century designed for mass production. They were seen as the very beginning of computer programming.
This video teaches you how a Jacquard Loom works:

Lillian Schwartz

In the 20th Century Lillian F. Schwartz was one of the pioneers in computer art and is known as the first female artist to use computers as an art tool. (via
A lot of her ground-breaking projects were created in the 1960s and 1970s which was long before the desktop computer made computer hardware and software available to artists.

This video explains how Lillian Schwartz worked with computers:


Author: Chloe Rose Hutchings

Chloe, 20 from Hertfordshire BA (Hons) Digital Media Design student studying at Bournemouth University.

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