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Chloe, 19 from Hertfordshire, UK. First year Digital Media Design student at Bournemouth University

Photo Task #3 Pt 1

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The first part of this task is to create a 12 frame hand drawn sequence. Keeping to the theme ‘CYCLE’ I chose to draw a plant pot with flowers blossoming in it. I decided to add a sun as the flowers need the sun to grow and blue sky to add realism. I have actually used 21 frames here, as I wanted a frame per petal. I know this needs a lot of work, I could have made it more detailed but I wanted to demonstrate a quick and simple gif. I have also made another one because I enjoyed this.

My growing flower Gif

My growing flower Gif

These two gifs I created, have 8 and 9 frames and are both hand drawn. I wanted to play with expressions in these gifs so I created a smiling face and an angry expression.

I used a strip of paper and sectioned out 12 parts. I drew on each part of the section which was then put into a Praxinoscope so I could view it as an animation which is how it would have been seen many years ago. I took pictures of it using my iPhone 4s and used a gif generator to to create the two gifs below.

My drawings skills are yet to improve…

8 framed gif

8 framed gif

9 framed gif

9 framed gif


Author: Chloe Rose Hutchings

Chloe, 20 from Hertfordshire BA (Hons) Digital Media Design student studying at Bournemouth University.

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